Nicolás Quiroz

Hi! I'm a Software Developer and freeCodeCamp community organizer.

I also have a blog, where I write about the web and programming.

> contact_

Twitter: @_nhsz

GitHub: nhsz

Or just plain old eMail

> now_

Learning about JavaScript, NodeJS and Go.

Co-organizing freeCodeCampBA with some awesome people.

JavaScript 101 mentor.

freeCodeCampBA's Publication editor.

Writing Golang tutorials in spanish.

> writings_

Quiero contribuir, ¿por dónde empiezo?

How to start collaborating on Open Source projects.

> projects_


REST API with CRUD operations, built with NodeJS, Restify, MongoDB and Mongoose (live API).



REST API with CRUD operations, built with NodeJS, ExpressJS, and Lowdb. Unit/Integration tests with Mocha, Chai and SuperTest.



Microservice that scans freeCodeCampBA Slack's public channels and guide users towards the Wiki when learning resources are requested. Built with NodeJS, slackbots and Slack RTM API.



Check the official USD/ARS rate with this Progressive Web App (live).



Check the current BTC/USD rate with this Progressive Web App. Powered by Bitstamp API (live).



Check if a given number is a perfect square.



Generate an integer list within a range, based on Python built-in range() function. ES6, zero dependencies and 100% test code coverage.



Medium-like reading estimation time (CLI).



Run flake8 on every .py file from current directory, using generators for improved efficiency.


> events_

June 7 - 28, 2017 Go Workshop, MercadoLibre / Attendee

April 11 - May 2, 2017Microservices, MuleSoft Academy / Attendee

December 3, 2016DevDayAR 2016 / Volunteer

November 17 - 19, 2016NodeConf Argentina 2016 / Attendee

> workshops_

July 15, 2017Introducción a JavaScript / Programá tu Futuro

> talks_

April 27, 2017JS en 15' / #JSMeetsAda

March 12, 2017Estrategias para resolver problemas / freeCodeCampBA

December 4, 2016NodeJS: Cómo usar JavaScript en todos lados / freeCodeCampBA